32 New Homes - More Traffic in Wellow and Thorley

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32 New Homes for Wellow
To house the UK’s growing population, it is proposed that Wellow should have “at least” 32 new homes, and Shalfleet Parish Council urge residents to have their views considered. 

New policies are being introduced which will have a significant impact on Wellow

The fact that Wellow has no main drainage, no gas, inadequate Internet access, no pub, no shops, and a one-hourly bus service will mean that new residents will be soley reliant on private car ownership. The cost of the new houses will probably dictate that occupiers will need at least two incomes to pay their mortgages, so two cars per household, in total 64 new cars. All this in an area without proper pavements or street lighting! 
Shalfleet Parish Councillors are to attend a “training session” to understand new government policy, to deliver 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s.
You are encouraged to voice your opinion. Please share your thoughts with clerk@shalfleetiow.org.uk, or contact policy.Consultation@IOW.GOV.UK for more information
Manor Farm (west field), Wellow 
Two sites are allocated in Wellow to provide for a mix of local housing and choice. 
Both sites should provide homes that are a mix of size and tenure to provide choice for the local community. Design should be of a high quality, taking account of the local context, levels and nearby neighbours. Site: 
1. Land at Main Road of approximately 1.7 hectares is allocated to deliver: 
a) At least 15 homes providing a mix of sizes and an affordable housing contribution in line with DHWN6. Where appropriate development should frame the village green and road and provide onsite parking; 
b) contribute to additional bus shelter provision; and c) contribute to additional footpath provision. 
2. Land at Manor Farm (west field) of approximately 1.3 hectares is allocated to deliver: 
a) At least 7 homes; 
b) one vehicular access, with onsite parking and provide for an internal footpath 
c) contribute to additional bus shelter provision; and 
d) buffer to the watercourse and retention of roadside hedge. 
When considering flood risk across the site please refer to the council’s SFRA Level 2 Fact Sheet. Development should be located to the north of the watercourse and consider biodiversity enhancements to the south. 
For both sites archaeological assessments may need to be undertaken by any potential applicant and early liaison with the council's Archaeology and Historic Environment Service is advised. 
Sites within Wellow shall be phased so as not to prejudice the delivery of nearby sites within or adjacent to the village. 
3. A brownfield site of approximately 2.2 hectares is allocated at Lee Farm, Wellow to: 
a) Deliver at least 10 homes of high quality design providing a mix of styles and sizes; and 
b) make land available under the wider ownership to facilitate the delivery of a cycle track between Freshwater and Newport.

When considering flood risk across the site please refer to the council’s SFRA Level 2 Fact Sheet. Archaeological assessments may need to be undertaken by any potential applicant and early liaison with the council's Archaeology and Historic Environment Service is advised.

Fabulous Wellow Christmas Tree

Wellow Isle of Wight Christmas Tree
Wellow Tree at Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival

Thanks to everyone in the community who contributed in any way this year. Our tree used the monthly Coffee mornings at the Wellow Literary Institute as our theme and looked magnificent in Mottistone Church

Everything was handmade at community workshops using papier mache, fabrics, felt, card, glitter and trims. The variety of decoration on the cups and saucers was amazing and each cup was filled with tea and completed with silver spoons and biscuits on the saucers. We also had cute little coffee mugs filled with frothy cappucinno and the felt mince pies, slices of Christmas cake, and cup cakes looked good enough to eat!

The tree was topped by a sparkly Tea pot pouring tea.

Donations received from visitors to the festival will go to the Wellow Literary Institute.

Christmas in Wellow

Wellow Isle of Wight Christmas 2018
Christmas Carols in Wellow

A lovely evening was spent on Christmas Eve singing carols accompanied by Mick - such musical talent. Thanks to all who helped organise this event, we loved the mulled wine, mince pies, sausage rolls and community spirit.

Christmas Decorations

Many homes in Wellow have Christmas decorations, and even Wellow Bus Station received a Xmas makeover.

Christmas Eve Carols 6 PM

Please make a date in your diary to meet us for the very popular Christmas Carols at the Wellow Literary Institute on Christmas Eve at 6 PM. Be sure to be early to get a seat, this event is always well attended. 

Be sure to marvel at the splendid Christmas tree  - a work of art, constructed with decorations made from fabrics, so real and life like that you will want to reach out and taste the digestive biscuits and cake! What incredible skills we have in the local community.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, have a great Christmas. 

Remembrance Sunday Film

Many thanks to Michael Robinson for creating and posting on YouTube this video footage of the lighting of the beacon on Wellow Millenium Green on 11/11/18.

If you prefer to watch on YouTube , place this link in your browser - https://youtu.be/B1Qd767XgwY

Apple Day at Wellow Institute, Saturday October 20th

Nearly a hundred people visited Wellow Institute when Wellow Millennium Green Committee hosted its first Apple Day celebration, a happy occasion.

Apple Day - Wellow Institute
On display were 22 different heritage varieties of apples, ranging from little ‘Pigs Nose Pippins’ and brightly coloured Victorian ‘Lady Sudeleys’ to giant ‘Costards’ and ‘Leathercoat Russets’, both dating back to Tudor times. This summer’s sun has produced well coloured apples with high sugar levels, giving plenty of flavours for Apple Day visitors to sample. 

Apple Day - Wellow Institute
Visitors appreciated being able to watch Sally Wibley, a botanical artist who grew up in Wellow, working on a delicate painting of a ‘Scarlet Nonpareil’ apple.

An apple press was in action giving people an opportunity to try fresh apple juice, before it starts the process of being made into cider. 

Judging - Apple Day - Wellow Institute
The cake competition drew 6 children’s entries for best decorated cup cakes, with Jamie the winner Entries for Best Family Cake were judged on flavour by Chairman Mick Franklin and past Chair Mike Gable. 

The three winners were declared to be, Jill Cowley, first prize, Ali Osman, second prize and Helena Hewston in third place.

Plans for the Armistice Centenary Orchard were on show, with a list and descriptions of apple varieties to be planted. The provisional planting date is the weekend of Saturday November 24th and Sunday 25th, when all offers of help will be appreciated. As the weather needs to be ‘open’ the dates and times will be confirmed nearer to that weekend. 

Toffee apples, apple chutney and orchard marmalade were on sale as well as teas, coffees and plenty of homemade cakes with all proceeds going to support the maintenance of Wellow Millennium Green.

We look forward to welcoming everyone and any new apple enthusiasts next year October 19th 2019!

Jill Cowley for Wellow Millennium Green Committee.